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Influence of probenecid on serum   ampicillin disposition in dogs .Indian Vet. J., 67: 506-508
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Indian Vet. J., 67: 506-508
A modified technique for perfusion of goat mammary gland for studying antibiotic concentration in milk.
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J. Bombay Vet. Coll.,
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Serum disposition of long acting and double strength conventional formulation of oxytetracycline in buffaloes.
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 Pharmacokinetics of Tiamulin in calves after single intramuscular administration.
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Safety assessment of injectable Ibuprofen in dogs.
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Pharmacokinetics of Tiamulin in sheep after single intramuscular administration.
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Pharmacokinetics and milk concentration of Pefloxacin injection (PELWIN) in lactating cows.
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Indian Vet. J., 73 Nov.1996: 1130-1132
Disposition of Enrofloxacin in some biological fluids of buffaloes
M.M.Gatne (1999).
Thesis submitted for award of Ph. D. to Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri.
Fluoroquinolones In “ Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology,
V.V.Ranade and M.M.Gatne (2001)
ed. B.K.Roy, Kalyani publishers,New Delhi
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Evaluation of Embliica officinalis for its anti-inflammatory activity in rats
PawarS.D., A.P.Somkuwar, M.D.Deore and M.M.Gatne
.J. Bom. Vet. Coll.10 (1&2), 12-14
Evaluation of  galactogogue effect of a herbal preparation in nursing rats and buffaloes.
PawarS.D., Somkuwar A.P., Deore M.D. and Gatne M.M. (2003)
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Safety evaluation of amikacin after its repeated administration for five days in buffalo calves.
Khobragade S.B., Deore M.D. and Gatne M.M. (2003)
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Effect of Awala on carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats.,
S.D. Pawar, A.P. Somkuwar, M.D.Deore and M.M. Gatne(2003
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Clinical evaluation of Emblica officinalis for its activity against liver disorders in cattle
Pawar S. D., Somkuwar A.P., Deore M.D. and Gatne M.M. (2004)
. J. Bomb. Vet. Coll.12(1&2): 15-16.
Pharmacokinetic studies on long acting and conventional Enrofloxacin in cow calves.
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Precliminary evaluation of a polyherbal formulation for its galactogogue properties in primiparous wistar rat.
Dadarkar S.S.,Deore M.D.& Gatne M.M.(2006).
Comparative evaluation of acute toxicity of ivermectin by two methodsafter single subcutaneous administration in rats.(2007)
Dadarkar S.S.,Deore M.D.& Gatne M.M
Regulatory Toxicology&Pharmacology, INPRESS
Development of Budesonide Microparticles Using Spray-Drying Technology for Pulmonary Administration: Design, Characterization, In Vitro Evaluation, and In Vivo Efficacy Study
Sonali R Naikwade, Amrita N Bajaj, Prashant Gurav, Madhumanjiri M Gatne and Pritam Singh Soni
AAPS PharmSciTech (2009)
In-vitro red blood cell partitioning of doxycycline
P.V. Deshmukh, P.C. Badgujar, and M.M. Gatne
Indian J Pharmacol. 2009 August; 41(4): 173–175.

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