Dr.Uday D.Umrikar.                       
Associate Professor and In- charge Professor
 M.V.Sc., Ph.D, P.D.F. (Switzerland)
 Email ; ddduday@yahoo.com
 Phone : 022 24162552 (O), 022 27562979®
 Mobile : 09930998035
Research area of Interest:                Animal Cytogenetic 


  1. Awarded with Merit Scholarships of Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani  for graduate and postgraduate studies (1977-1984)
  1. Award of Senior Research Fellowship from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi in Jan. 1991.
  2. Award of Senior Research Fellowship from Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi in Jan. 1992.
  3. Awarded with scholarship from Swiss Development co-operation, Bern, and successfully completed a collaborative research training pogramme  (16th Jan  to 15th July 1994 ) in the field of animal cytogenetics as a Visiting Fellow at Dept. of  Agriculture & Food Science, Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland.
  4. Awarded with Vasantrao Naik Memorial Gold Medal 1998 for paper presented at ‘High resolution GTG – banding studies of Indian domestic sheep’ presented in a National Seminar On Advances in Health and Production of Sheep and Goat at Nagpur.
  5. Biography included in following Marquis Who’s publications a) Who’s who in the World Editions 1997 ,1998 and  1999 b) Who’s who in Medicine and Healthcare Millennium Edition c) Who’s who in Asia Edition 2007.
  6. A research work on Canine Cancer Cytogenetics from a PG. research project guided by Dr. Umrikar , was presented at   7  th European Cytogenetics Conference  (4-7 July 2009, Stockholm)
  7. Awarded  for best poster presented  in X Annual Conference of Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding and National Symposium on Conventional and New Age Breeding Technology for Livestock Centric Growth and Livelihood Security,27-28 , November, 2009 at Chennai.
  8. The recommendations given by Dr Umrikar through his lead paper presented  at “ Xth Annual Conference of Indian Society for Animal Genetics and Breeding and National Symposium on Conventional and New Age Breeding Technology for Livestock Centric Growth and Livelihood” 27-28.11.2009 at Chennai were approved by the society.
  9. The recommendations given by Dr. Umrikar in a Seminar on Review of Livestock breeding Policy – 2006  Maharashtra State 22-23, January ,2010 at Pune have been incorporated in recent GR of  Livestock Breeding Policy 2010 of MS are approved by tge committee and appeared as Govt. resolution into MS Livestock breeding policy 2010.
  10. Acted as Technical team leader of the study group on Animal Genetic Testing , Department of Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Maharashtra and given recommendations for bringing the  genetically clean status to livestock.
  11. Demonstrated the Robertsonion fusion mechanism of evolution between sheep and goatb species of bovidae with the help of high-resolution  GTG-banding technique.
  12. Life Member of Indian Society of Human Genetics and Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding
  13. Total 38 research papers in scientific journals
  14. Total 14 popular articles published
  15. Total 37 papers presented in conferences.
  16. Participated in 23 conferences / Seminars / Trainings / Workshops
  17. Acted as rapporteur in two conferences and presented lead papers in three conferences/seminars.
  18. Guided 11 M.V.Sc students
  19. Recognised MVSc and PhD guide and teacher
  20. Successfully conducted training programme for Goat farming, Swine farming, & Dairy farming.
  21. Wrote a bulletin on VCI syllabus on “Health care & management of wild & zoo animal/ fish production.”
  22. Given Radio Talks On All India Radio, Pune, Mumbai on different topics of animal science.

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