Dr. P. L. Dhande

Dr. P. L. Dhande
M.V.Sc. , Ph.D., FIAVA
Associate Dean
Professor and Head
E-mail: vetanatpld@yahoo.co.in
He is graduated in 1982, Post-graduated in 1984 and obtained Ph. D. by Research in 1996 from Bombay Veterinary College. He was appointed as Assistant Professor of Anatomy at Mumbai in May 1984 and then nominated as Associate Professor of Anatomy in 1995. He became Professor (CAS) in December 2004 and Selected as Professor of Anatomy in February 2007. In January 2010 nominated as University Head of Veterinary Anatomy. From January 2011 he is holding additional charge of Head of Departments of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Animal Nutrition. He is Academic Cell In charge at BVC.
He has published 30 research papers in various Journals. He attended 25 National Conferences and presented 121 number of research papers.   
He received 10 best paper awards at during National Symposium, Dr. G. R. Murkibhavi Memorial Award for best paper published in Indian Veterinary Journal 1998 and two Best teacher awards. He guided 15 Postgraduate students, One Ph. D. Scholar registered under him and he was advisory committee member in 35 students of various disciplines. He was member of various National Professional bodies.
He was Organizing Secretary of XVII Convention of 2002 IAVA. He was executive member of IAVA, Alumni Association and teachers association and joint Editor of J. Bombay. Vet. College. He is Referee for various scientific journals.
He is external examiner for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree course in various states of India. He was looking after the hostel duties from May 1984 to May 2010 and always he is carrying out the extracurricular activities.
He delivered lectures to farmers, trainees of the pharmaceuticals, field veterinarians and always he is carrying out the extracurricular activities.
PG. Project : Sex dimorphism of Murrah Buffalo (Bos bubalis) on the Humerus, Radio-ulna and Femurs.
Teaching Experience : Total : 26 years,  UG – 14 years and PG – 20 years
Ph. D. Project : Organogenesis of Bursa Fabricius, Thymus and Spleen (Lymphoid organs) in relation to immunity in Broilers.
PG students Guided : 13 and ongoing 1 Ph. D.

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