Name: Dr.Rajiv V.Gaikwad
Qualification: M.V.Sc.(Medicine), Ph.D.
Designation: Incharge of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine
Department: Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex
College: Bombay Veterinary College.
Experience of Teaching, Research & Extension: 20 Years 6 Months
Additional Qualification:
Examination passed
Year of passing
University / Institution
ICAR Jr. Fellowship
ICAR, New Delhi
Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, New Delhi
Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, New Delhi
Safety aspects in the research applications of ionizing radiations
Head, Radiological Physics & Advisory Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai -400 085.
Regional (RCA) training course on interventional methods in nuclear medicine
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Co-operation with Government of India through the P.D.Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai, India.
Postgraduate training Course in Nuclear Medicine
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital & Medical research Centre and Society of Nuclear Medicine, India.
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai
Nuclear Medicine Course conducted by Indo-European Nuclear Medicine Education Forum.
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, India
Master Students (Medicine) Guided as Major Advisor till date:
Advisory Member for Ph.D. Students: 4
Awards / Honors:
  1.                  I.     Scroll of Honour “Best Teacher” from Dean, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012 on 26th January 2004.
               II.     Received prestigious award from Dogs &More at Dog A’Fair, the fun carnival for dogs, held on Sunday Feb 13, 2011 at Radio Club, Colaba in recognition of ability and selflessly and humanely work in the wonderful world of animals.
Publications till date: 60 (National= 46; International= 14)


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