Dr. Mukulesh L. Gatne

Dr. Mukulesh L. Gatne


Date & Place of Birth: 29/08/1962, Mumbai
Marital Status: Married
Qualification: B.V.Sc. & A.H.(1984), M.V.Sc. (1987). Ph.D (2001)
Job Title: University Head, Veterinary Parasitology, MAFSU, Nagpur; Professor of Veterinary Parasitology,BVC, Mumbai; Officer In-Charge, Goregaon campus, Academic In-Charge (UG)
Professional Experience: 26 years
ü    Research Assitant in Parasitology : 4 years
ü    Assistant Professor of Parasitology: 6 years
ü    Associate Professor of Parasitology: 11 years
ü    Professor of Parasitology : 5 years
ü  Represented University in Cricket, Football and Table Tennis
ü  Participated in Veterinary Cricket World cup in South Africa in the capacity of Captain
ü  Horse Riding Course
ü  Academic In-Charge of Bachelor’s degree programme at BVC
ü  Chairman, Board of Studies, Veterinary Parasitology, MAFSU
ü  Moderator for UG question papers
ü  Paper setter & evaluator for no. of universities
ü  Recognised Guide for M.V.Sc. & Ph.D
ü  No. of M.V.Sc. students guided: 14
ü  No. Ph.D students guided : 01
ü  Best Teacher award; three consecutive years
ü  Acted as Advisory Committee Member for Ph. D candidate of University of Queensland, Australia
ü  Started Ph. D by Course work in Veterinary Parasitology, BVC, MAFSU
ü  Thesis evaluator for no. of Universities for Master’s and Doctoral degree
ü  Prepared Power Point Presentations for UG parasitology courses on Veterinary Entomology and Veterinary Protozoology
ü  Prepared practical manuals for UG veterinary parasitology courses
ü  International Collaboration: 03
ü  National ICAR ad-hoc rsearch Scheme: 02
ü  Agency Schemes: 11
ü  No. of research Publications: 35
ü  Papers read at conferences: 39
ü  Lead papers in conferences: 07
ü  Asstt. Editor of Journal of Bombay Veterinary College: 3 years
ü  Board of Editors of Journal of Veterinary Parasitology: 3 years
ü  Popular Articles: 09
ü  Radio programmes : 25
ü  TV programmes : 02
ü  Participated in No. of NSS camps/ Farmer’s rallies/ Exhibitions
ü  Invited as faculty to train Veterinary Sales Representatives/ Executives by no. of Pharmaceutical companies ( Bayer, Merind, Alembic, Dosch, etc)
ü  Lead Speaker on CVBD ( Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Bhopal …) awareness among veterinarians 
ü  Life Member of Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association, Mumbai
ü  Life Member of Indian Society for Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology – Vice- President of
IAAVP for the last three years
ü  Life Member of Pet Practitioner’s Association of Mumbai (PPAM)- Executive Committee Member
ü  Member of Asia Pacific Forum for Canine Vector Borne Diseases (CVBD) – Delivered three lead
ü  Life Member of Bombay Art Society, Mumbai
ü  Managing Committee Member of Veterinarians’ Association of Bombay Veterinary College
ü  Member of Faculty Meet, MAFSU
ü  Member of Academic Council, MAFSU
ü  Acted as an Expert on No. of Selection Committees for no. of Universities in India
ü  Invited as an Expert for ASRB Selection process
ü  Chaired and acted as Member on No. of administrative Committees at college and University levels
ü  Chief Coordinator of  UG Admission process for two years
Conferences Organised at National Level: 02
ü  National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology in 2011
ü  National Conference on Willed Body Programme for Veterinary Education in 2013   
     Countries Visited: Canada, America, South Africa, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore
     Contact Details:
ü  Res: A/73, Parijat, 5, Bandra (W) Reclamation, Mumbai 400 050; Phone- 022-26409988
ü  Office: i. Department of Parasitology, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai 400 012;
o   Phone- 022- 24132792/4131189 (Ext-139)
o   ii) Officer In-Charge, Goregaon Campus, Bombay Veterinary College, Goregaon East,
§  Mumbai – 400 065; Phone- 022-26856709
     Email: mrgatne@yahoo.co.in

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