Dr. L. B. Sarkate

                         M. V. Sc. & Ph. D
Head & Director of Research
Mob: 09594090058
Dr. Sarkate, graduated in 1977 and did his post graduation in the year 1979. Later he joint as Assistant professor of Surgery in the department of Surgery, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Parbhani in the year 1979. He was promoted to the post of Associate Professor in 1986. He completed his Ph. D from IVRI, Izatnagar, in the 1989. Dr. Sarkate joined as a Professor of Surgery and Radiology, Bombay Veterinary College in the year 1996. He became University Head, Department of Surgery, MAFSU in the year 2002. In 2009 he took charge of Associate Dean, Bombay Veterinary College and in the month of Dec. 2009 he became Registrar, Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur.


Specialization: Large Animal Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Endoscopy and


Teaching experience:
  1. Dr. Sarkate is having a total of 32 years of teaching experience to U. G. and P.G. Student. He guided 2 Ph. D students and more than 20 P.G. Students as a major guide. He was member of advisory committee for more than 50 student of different discipline.
  2. He developed total three U.G. manuals, three audiovisual C.Ds and has a collection about 1,500 photographs for the development of teaching clinical material.
  3. In addition, he has also developed common course curriculum, common course wise lecture schedule and course wise question bank for U. G., P. G. and Ph D.
  4. He was internship co-ordinater for more than six years where in he developed practical and informative teaching at various centers. 


Dr. Sarkate has published more than 60 scientific research papers  in National and international journals. He also presented 44 research papers in different seminars and conferences. He published 12 popular articles in Marathi in various Magazines and papers.


Dr. Sarkate organized  Innovatively  26th Congress of ISVS in the year 2002 where in Live demonstration of endoscopy via video conferencing and new techniques of anaesthesia were demonstrated successfully for the first time in the history of Veterinary Surgery. Highest number of delegates participated in this congress from different states and abroad.


  1. Sr. I.C.A.R. fellowship during Ph. D (1986-89).
  2. ‘Young Surgeon Award’ (1989).
  3. Best paper presentation Award (2001).
  4. Fellow of I.S.V.S. (2003).
  5. Plaque of Honor (2000) in reorganization of meritorious services in the field of Veterinary profession.
  6. Plaque of Honor (2002) for the excellent organization of “26th Annual Congress of “I. S. V. S” at Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai.
Research contribution:


Dr. Sarkate has contributed in the following research:
  1. Use of horn plate for the repair of long bone fracture in cattle.
    Repair of long bone fracture using cost effective horn peg in cattle.
  2. Successful application of HDPE and LDPE moulds as a cost effective external fixation in the repair of fracture in cattle, sheep and goats.
  3. Repair of bilateral long bone fracture using walker and bone plating in dogs and cats.
  4. Successful management of venereal tumors using chemotherapy and surgery in canine.
  5. Development of balanced anaesthesia in Bovine, equine, canine and swine.
  6. Applied research on management of urinary calculi in canine.
  7. Use of Hydroxy appetite and bone cement in early bone healing in rabbits.
  8. Different techniques of treatment for Cataract and lens transplantation surgery
  9. Diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopy in dogs.
              10. Diagnostic and therapeutic Laparoscopy in dogs, cats and pigs.


Teaching Activities:


Dr. Sarkate has established Surgery Department at Veterinary College, Udgir being the first In charge of the Department he was instrumental in setting up the facilities for U. G. teaching and practicals through development of anaesthesia laboratory (Boyle’s Apparatus etc.), clinics (operation theater) and Radiology Unit (500 mA X-ray machine).
He prepared the Ph.D. curriculum (course work) and started Ph. D. course in the department of Surgery and Radiology at Bombay Veterinary College. He shares a lion’s share in developing better infrastructure facilities for the U.G. and P.G. teaching. He also developed seminar hall and departmental library for P. G faculty. Recently he established endoscopic unit for diagnostic and research purpose. He initiated and completed preparation of Two Distance Education Courses, which were launched in collaboration with COL (Commonwealth of Learning), Canada and ISNAR (International Services for National Agricultural Research), The Netherlands. Third Distance education course on Feline Surgery has also been completed and is made available to the veterinary graduates/field surgeons.


Extension activities:
  1. Dr. Sarkate has done extraordinary work in the relief and treatment of injured animals following earthquake in Latur and Osmanabad.
  2. He attended more than 25 work camp and delivered several lectures at state level seminars.
  3. He has also organized five Gelding camps at Matheran and performed 100 gelding operations.
  4. He also helped Animal Husbandry Department of Dadara Nagar Havali and Silvasa for setting up stat of art Animal hospital and is providing honorary services in several health camps.
  5. He was the first to identify and felicitate the hard working veterinarians of Maharashtra State and awarded them with “Best Field Veterinary Surgeons Awards”. Ten such awards were given during the 26th Annual Congress of ISVS (Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery).
Membership in Committees/commission/council:
  1. General secretary, Bombay Veterinary College Staff Association (2002-2003).
  2. Secretary, Scientist Home of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College (2002-2005).
  3. Executive member, Managing Committee of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College (2002-05).
  4. Vice-President of I. S. V. S. (2002-04).
  5. Principal member of sectional committee of Bureau of Indian Standard (2002).
  6. Executive member of wildlife health management committee of Dadra, Nagar, Haweli.
Membership in Reputed Journal/Professional:
  1. Life member of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery.
  2. Life member of “Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery”.
  3. Life member of “The Indian Veterinary Journal”.
  4. Life member of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai.
  5. Life member of Journal of Bombay Veterinary College.

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